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Tổ 7- Thị trấn Đông Anh- Đông Anh- TP.Hà Nội
Phòng thiết kế:
40 Tô Vĩnh Diện- Thanh Xuân- Hà Nội
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Tổ 7 - Thị trấn Đông Anh - Đông Anh - Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 043 883 4976 
Fax: 043 883 4975

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Currently, due to the development needs of our company is seeking qualified candidates for the job:
1. Sales Engineer steel structure
Quantity: 03 people
Specific requirements are as follows: College graduate with a major in civil engineering and industry, with the ability to communicate well, able to work independently and in teams.
Priority is given to candidates who have the ability to use foreign languages ​​(English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean ...), the candidates have sales experience in the field of pre-engineered steel structure is an advantage.
2. Team Leader Design
Quantity: 01
Requirements: University degree of formal
                  Experienced design, calculate the degree of industrial steel solid
                  Capable of covering and organization of work
3. Site Technicians
Quantity: 02 people
Requirements: Good health, agile enthusiastic assertive work
                 Experienced actual construction and installation of steel structures
4. Technical workers (welders, steel processing)
Quantity: 30 people
Requirements: Having health, trained or worked in factories steel structures
Send your resume to:
Deadline: 02/06/2017.
Profiles include: curriculum vitae, scanned photos, diplomas, resume, experience record
The company complies with the wages, social insurance, health insurance for the workers under the law. Other regimes will be answered in the interview
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