Trụ sở chính:
Tổ 7- Thị trấn Đông Anh- Đông Anh- TP.Hà Nội
Phòng thiết kế:
40 Tô Vĩnh Diện- Thanh Xuân- Hà Nội
Nhà máy sản xuất:
Tổ 7 - Thị trấn Đông Anh - Đông Anh - Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 043 883 4976 
Fax: 043 883 4975


DONGANHSTEEL Highlights are the projects with the optimal design solution from the design team of experienced, professionally trained, qualified undergraduate and graduate.
DONGANHSTEEL bring customer satisfaction and absolute peace of mind about the quality of design, conformance to the strict conditions of the weather and the environment.
Our team of engineers perform design through the stages:
- Design technique: all the architectural drawings and structural steel drawings are assessed to ensure safety on the bearing capacity, load on demand use, environment, art, ...
- Production design: full and accurate details of each component, size, quantity, technical requirements, 3D shapes.
- Design and fit: describe the layout of each component and the requirements, erection phase diagram.

Design application of advanced standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS, AS, ... on the basis of specialized software supports calculations and rendering 2D, 3D.
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